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The world's only collar stay with a button hook.

ButtonUp Collar Stays is a Kansas based collar stay manufacturing company.

We believe that not all collar stays are created equally. ButtonUp Collar Stays creates superior collar stays through experience, design, and execution. 

Collar Stays: Prevent Your Collar from Getting Crushed

Collar stays is one of the essential accessories for any well-dressed man's wardrobe. If you want to look professional and want to add value to your shirt, you should give enough importance to the collar of your shirt. It is not only the shirt but the collar of the shirt that helps you to create the most significant impression on any individual. It is also the foremost thing that is mostly noticed in a man wearing a shirt using Plastic Collar Stiffeners. When you insert Collar Stays into the collar, you would not sense that you have put something extra, because these Stainless Steel Collar Stays are designed in such a means, so that they can give you remarkable comfort and feel. On the similar occasion, it would also significantly improve your on the whole look and style through your shirt.

We understand your concern and know what can be a better way of creating a good impression than these Steel Collar Stays? Collar stays give your collar just the exact amount of heaviness so that it lays smooth against your collarbone. Stainless Steel Collar Stays points are a mark of sophistication, so if you’re Using Plastic Collar stiffeners for the very first time or a professional at keeping your collar in place, we think that everyone can appreciate this small Collar Stays accessories for his or her utility and his or her functionality.

Stainless steel set is the most well-liked choice. Stainless steel is smooth and heavy enough to keep your collar looking hard without weighing you down. This Plastic Steel Collar Stays selection is elegant, but not too tough on your wallet.

With the help of stainless Steel Collar Stays, you can buy shirts within your financial statement, and by the collar stays along with these shirts. The most excellent thing about these Steel stays is that you would be able to use one stay in a lot of shirts at the same time by removing it from one shirt and placing it in the other one in an efficient manner. Therefore, before using a collar stays, you can place the stay in the collar of the shirt. Our complete range of stainless steel stiffeners is not much expensive, and you would with no trouble be able to purchase them within your budget.

A Buttonhook HIDDEN in your collar!

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